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We’re looking at buying a whole load of 0800 numbers to use for marketing purposes, so we want to be sure we get a good company, as we are going to be spending a lot of money with them. We’ve narrowed it down to a short list, so want to know what people’s opinions are. So, has anyone used these guys before? They’re The 0800 Number Company. They look pretty good from their website – decent price, no long term contracts, quick service, but would be good to hear from people who have experience of them. Thanks.

You can promote your business further by using one of the inflatable advertising platforms. These can come in many shapes and sizes so choose one that suits your business most. They are a great way to increase brand awareness as well as to advertise your business to every passer by.

Safelists can be daunting and many marketers will do just about anything to avoid using them. Then once you’ve taken the plunge you enter the debate about whether they’re useless or wonderful.

Here’s how they work. When you join a safelist you agree that the other members will be able to send you e-mail without being accused of spamming and without you opting in to their mailing list. You will get hundreds of e-mails every day so it’s important that you don’t give them your main e-mail address or you will be swamped.

Go to and set up two email accounts. One is your “list” e-mail. This is the one that will receive most of the e-mails. The other is your “contact” e-mail address. This won’t get so many and they will be administrative e-mails from the safelist owner or “solo” e-mails. These are email ads that members have paid extra to send to your contact address.

I belong to about 10 safelists and tend to get about 1200 list e-mails and 20-30 contact e-mails per day. There are vacation settings in most lists so that you can take a break from the e-mails but gmail allow a lot of emails so you would only need this feature if you’re away for a week or more.

Only join credit based safelists. Other people need an incentive to click on your e-mail! These work a bit like traffic exchanges. You click on a link in the e-mail to view the member’s site, usually for 20 seconds although it varies. You earn credits when the time is up and you can spend these credits in sending e-mails to others. The text of your e-mail doesn’t much matter as most people will go straight for the link BUT try to write an eye catching title because those receiving the e-mails will most likely not have time to open them all however much they want the credits.

Incidentally solo e-mails earn many more credits. I’ve found they’re a very useful way of advertising and I get sign-ups from solo e-mails every week. The costs vary. Some are very expensive, some safelists allow you to exchange credits for solo e-mails.

Non-credit based safelists rely on people opening your e-mails and reading them. They won’t! So don’t waste your time and stick to credit based lists only.

What’s the best way to use safelists for advertising?

Don’t advertise the same program as everyone else! Every third ad for the latest fad just bores everyone to death. Pick a program – your main program or an affiliate ad that’s a bit out of the ordinary. No slow loading or complicated pages.
I put my name and Team Arcadian (but not as a url) on every e-mail. The names stick in people’s heads
Safelists tend to be used by more experienced marketers than traffic exchanges even if it’s only experience of a few weeks because people tend to learn about TEs first. So advertise programs that you want to attract other marketers to. We use safelists for LHN as there is then less to explain. It also attracts people who have been in other programs and like the simplicity of LHN.
Get organised! Some lists allow one mail per day, some allow several depending on which level you’ve paid for. Some allow saved e-mails, some allow you to send at pre-arranged times. It’s best to have some kind of chart or spreadsheet so that you make the most of the e-mails. I have several different e-mails saved and choose a different one for each safelist every day. Look at it from the recipient’s point of view. They are logging into their gmail account and seeing you promote the same thing 10 times on different lists! So use some variety. Spread your mailings throughout the day too. People log on at different times around the world.
You can join most safelists free and then upgrade for more privileges – more credits for clicking on sites, more save e-mails etc. You can earn money from safelists too. You earn commission when you refer others who then upgrade and buy more credits

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