Understand the Property Market with Help from the Experts

The property market and its future can be hard to grasp. However, if you’re interested in furthering your knowledge about the UK property market, there are some fantastic blogs that are produced by various industry experts for different sectors.

Each blog is designed to give you an invaluable insight of the workings of the property market. A1 Business Forums has researched popular blogs that we feel will be beneficial for you to read and follow.

Hunter Finance

Hunter Finance is a private property development lending company. They’re responsible for granting private bridging loans to property developers.

Since 2010, Hunter Finance has helped bankroll viable property developments across South-East England.

Their advice and blog pages are incredibly well-written and give advice on a whole range of topics. From what influences the price of property to top tips for becoming a successful property developer, Hunter Finance provides a wealth of information.

The Rat & Mouse

The Rat & Mouse is one of London’s first property industry and home-movers blogs. They focus on delivering property news, opinion-pieces and interviews in their own witty way. In fact, The Times named The Rat and Mouse as its number 1 property blogs to follow.

If you have a question about the property industry, such as Help to Buy or a market report on price growth, The Rat & Mouse might be able to help you.

Home Truths

Home Truths is a property blog that is produced by Samantha Asdown. It has a friendly, engaging tone that incorporates natural wit and explores conversational topics.

Samantha Ashdown’s property blog focuses on topics such as; focusing on appealing to a woman property buyer and what are you paying your agent.


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