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In this case it’s true. Tim Sales guides you through the process of inviting a prospect to look at something, whether it’s a website or literature. He breaks this down into easy stages so that your knowledge and confidence builds one step at a time. There are 7 CDs and a workbook, and a free copy of the Brilliant Compensation DVD.

Tim works by getting people to watch the online version of Brilliant Compensation. This educates the prospect about network marketing in general without reference to a specific company. You can watch the online version free from this page.

This is a proven method of recruiting – teach network marketing first then introduce your company – but you can just as easily send the prospect to watch your company presentation instead. The skill is in making the invitation and following up.

Here’s what Tim Sales has to say about Professional Inviter:

“Every successful business, every successful business person uses a system or formula to get things done with the least amount of headaches. Eliminate these headaches and you can’t help but make money. Ask the CEO of any Fortune 500 company and they’ll swear by the formulas their companies have developed.

Do you suffer from these common network marketing headaches?

You lack the confidence to call a prospect or strike up a conversation with one you meet in your travels.

This is not unusual. It’s the result of not knowing what to say. And canned presentations lack the spark necessary to ignite the fire of curiosity in your prospect.

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“Professional Inviter” delivers self-confidence boosting power like a shot of steroids. Know the right thing to say and when to say it. And “Professional Inviter” is user friendly. You can adapt it to your own style so it feels natural to you and sounds natural to your prospect.

Your prospect stops you dead in the water with an objection you don’t have a good answer for.

Prospects raise objections because they don’t understand what’s being presented to them. Did you leave something out? Did you move too quickly? Did you start in the middle instead of at the beginning? Working with your prospect is like climbing a ladder. You take one step at a time until you reach the top.

“Professional Inviter” gives you six steps – the inviting formula – for achieving success with any prospect. Follow this formula and you can eliminate 90% of the objections that until now have frustrated the heck out of you.

Of all the positive comments I receive from network marketers, it’s the almost total lack of objections that amazes them most. It’s one of the reasons leaders practically beg their downlines to invest in “Professional Inviter”.

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