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Locations is key

The purpose of a business lunch is to make an impression, no matter the purpose of the lunch meeting you will be planning it with a goal in mind whether that be to partner a new client, land that sale or make the connection that you need.

For that reason you need your business lunch to be flawless. We specialise in working with organisation in London and we know that the label of a location is important.

We work with restaurants with private rooms in London that are located in prime locations such as; Victoria, Mayfair and Soho. We recommend only the locations that will make the impact that you need

Appearance is important

Studies show that a person will have decided their initial opinion on a person within the first 7 seconds, in some cases this will mean that an opinion will be solely based on the appearance of somebody; what they are wearing, their hairstyle, their shoes etc.

For any business meeting many would assume that the individuals will be dressed professionally. You want to be shown respect and in order to earn that respect you must show authority through your appearance.

Quick Tips

Stay standing until the host of the meal sits

Remain a good posture throughout the meal

Keep it simple when ordering; asking question can make you appear indecisive

Always allow the host the order first and then follow etiquette

Keep it clean, avoid any messy food

Limit what you drink and maintain a professional standard


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