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Starting any type of business can be difficult, you may begin to feel drained tired and may even want to give up. However, the overall benefits will make you forget about the difficult times you went through at the beginning stages. Read our business advice.

We have created our own guide to help make the starting process much easier including everything that a business will need from employees to insurance.

Here are the top things to consider when starting your own business:

A Business Plan

Before anything else is done, a business plan is needed and without it, it is almost certain that your business won’t be as successful compared to somebody who does. On your business plan, you need to include a plan for the 1st year as well as the first three to five years. Need help writing your business plan? Click here.

It is important to review this on a quarterly or annual basis as it allows you to remind yourself of what you want to achieve, how far you’ve come and how close you are to reaching the ultimate aim. It can also help you to decide which parts of your business need a little bit of extra attention.


Insurance is needed for any company in a business market, especially in the beauty industry where you will be working for other people. It is required that you have necessary insurance to protect you and your customers if something was to go wrong. See: How the law effects business.

Depending on your insurance company, you can keep this up to date by sending any new qualifications that you receive so your insurance can alter if you offer any new services. Find a policy that suits you.

What treatments, prices and products work for you?

The treatments you offer clients will depend on the qualifications that you hold. However, some beauty businesses will specialise in one particular treatment and will offer a few alternatives. Some customers may think that this means you offer a much more bespoke service compared to offering an entire range.

When it comes to prices, it can be slightly more difficult. Of course you will want to make a profit, but they will have to cover the cost of equipment, products, rent and much more. However, you don’t want to be too overpriced, so it is an idea to identify your competitors and see what they’re offering. Discover ways of improving your business in a competitive market. Click here.

Example of a businesses with a successful strategy

Natural Enhancement, Kew, West London. This business has over 12 years experience and success stories.

A team of creative stylists execute their artistic work through semi permanent makeup, including eyebrows. Eyebrows are one of their specialities and offer bespoke treatments for all clients. Their work can transform an individual into feeling confident with their appearance. You can see their results in their before and after images. See more.

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